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Tricia Huber
VP Finance
How To Register/Online Tuition

To register online you will need to click on the following link: Tuition Registration Link

"Click here to begin your set-up process".

Below is a link to the help documents for registration. When connecting to your tuition account, please use the option: I don't have a key. You will be using your Student ID Number and Date of Birth to connect your account; this is a family account and you will only need to register with one student to see all of your students in your family:

Registration Help Document



Payment Options

1. Pay the total balance due in one payment directly to Providence by August 5, 2022.

2. Pay the total balance due in two equal payments directly to Providence. First payment due August 5, 2022 and the second payment due December 5, 2022.

3. Pay the total balance due by a combination of direct payment to Providence and financing through German American Bank ($1000 minimum). Both cash and note are due by August 5, 2022. (You may add additional monies to the note for technology fee, retreat, etc.)

4. Finance the entire balance through German American Bank. (You may add additional monies to the note for technology fee, retreat, etc.) First note payment is due to German American Bank in May, June or when you start your note. Final payment of all loans is due by April 30, 2023.


Note: All financial balances must be paid when due in order to participate in the following:

- Receive report card.
- Sit for final exams.
- Have access to official transcripts/school records.
- Receive a diploma.
- Participate in graduation activities.